Tear Trough Filler – $550

Balance your face, correct asymmetries and reduce signs of aging with our long-lasting dermal filler package.


Our face is usually the first thing that people see when they meet us, so we always want to look our best. Unfortunately one of the unavoidable signs of ageing is the loss of volume in our face creating lines, folds and wrinkles. Dermal Fillers may be the answer!

Cosmetic doctors and nurses can address loss of volume with the latest Dermal Filler preparations and injecting techniques, it requires no surgery, no downtime and minimal discomfort.

Muscle Relaxant Therapy relaxes the muscles while Dermal Fillers are used to put back volume in the skin and shape certain areas of the face such as the lips and deep lines on the face.

If you don’t want to look tired or older than you feel, then often a combination of Dermal Fillers as well as Muscle Relaxant Therapy can promote a refreshed rejuvenated appearance and turn back the hands of time without compromising natural expression.

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