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Semi-permanent Makeup is also know as a Cosmetic Tattoo as it is a similar procedure to a ‘normal’ tattoo, however is performed a little differently to create the appearance of makeup.

Cosmetic tattooing is a treatment that involves the use of semi-permanent makeup to add colour to or camouflage particular concerns such as scarring, thinning eyebrows, stretch marks or unrefined areolas. Otherwise known as micropigmentation, the treatment is highly versatile and uses pigment to achieve cosmetic enhancements.

The treatment is particularly beneficial for those who wish to improve the shape and style of the eyebrows through mimicking the look of natural hair strokes. The aesthetician may use either microblading, a technique that uses a small blade with many microneedles to manually create fine hair strokes that resemble and appear like real-life hair. Or, micropigmentation, which uses a machine to implant pigment under the skin and is suitable for powder, ombre and thicker effect eyebrows depending on patient suitability.



eyelash enhancement

This is the most subtle technique of the eyes semi-permanent makeup and it involves embedding numerous pigmentation dots in between the natural lashes on the top and bottom eyelid. I recommend Lash Enhancer for clients who wish to visually enlarge the top- or the bottom eyelid without too dramatic effect.

This procedure becomes more popular among men as well, especially if they have fair or spare lashes since this treatment enhances and re-defines eyes’ contour.

Moreover, Lash Enhancer technique is also perfect for clients who believe that their eyes are rather small, the treatment not only makes eyes look bigger but emphasise eye colour or creates the illusion of thick and fuller lashes without fake final effect.


Perfectly designed and applied semi-permanent eye makeup enhances the eyes’ contour and shape. Skilfully selected techniques can visually enlarge smaller eyes or adjust the size of bigger eyes, as well as make eyes appear more oval, almond shape.

The perfect permanent decorative eyeliner beautifully emphasizes the eyes contour and it is always individually designed to create an amazing final effect. My clients frequently feedback to me how astonished they are with the visual modification that can be achieved with the semi permanent makeup at Permanent Beauty Clinic.

Generally, this Permanent Makeup technique results in more dramatic final look. Carefully selected pigment is applied in the shape of a thicker line on top of the previously enhanced eyelashes ended with the perfectly finished flick.

Traditional Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that creates realistic looking ‘hairstrokes’ to mimic the look of real brows.

Where some people absolutely love this look, there are others who would perhaps prefer a powdered brow look or maybe a stronger, more defined brow instead.

With the introduction to our ‘Designer Brows’, we can now offer a style to suit you.

The techniques used to create each individual look still uses a specialised handheld tool to create a shaded effect as well as individual hair strokes.

Pigment is implanted into the skin, resulting in instant, realistic looking, semi- permanent brows.

The best way to decide on what shade you would like tattooed for your lips is to try out several different lipstick colours. Once you find one, bring it with you to your consultation and our specialist will use it to help blend a custom colour as close to your ideal shade as possible.

A common query regarding Semi-permanent lip makeup is whether you are able to get lip fillers with the treatment. The answer is yes, but you always have to get the tattooing first and allow it to fully heal before you can get lip fillers. Fillers do not last as long as your tattooing will, which means you want to tattoo on natural lips and then the colour will stay when they are filled.

Say bye-bye mascara, hello YUMI™ Lashes. Our YUMI™ Lash Lift is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift your lashes without having to resort to fiddly false lashes or costly growth serums. In other words, it is a powerful alternative that enhances your own natural beauty..

Our YUMI™ Lash Lift will lift your natural lash with a special pigment infusion rather than curling them as a result you will have thick, dark lashes creating that “open eye” look

If you wish to add volume and length to your natural lashes this is the treatment for you, Yumi™ lifts your lashes upwards creating height, length and volume. We have a range of coloured tints  available to compliment your complexion perfectly.

Yumi® brow lamination is essentially a natural brow hair lift. 

This is currently one of the hottest eyebrow trends for individuals with natural brow hair who want to tame unruly hair, add symmetry, uniform shape and create the look of fullness with their natural brow hair. 

The treatment grooms and re-aligns hairs into the perfect shape and style, so they stay in place for up to 8 weeks, with no need for day to day grooming.

This treatment contains Keratin which nourishes your brows and does not contain; harsh Chemicals, formaldehyde or parabens.

You will have to wait until your skin is fully healed before you wear traditional makeup, but you can wear mineral makeup straight away.

Yes, semi-permanent makeup is completely safe, it has been medically approved. Trained professionals only carry out our treatments and the pigment used is made from natural minerals.

It is recommended not to expose your tattooed area to the sun during its healing process, try to keep it as covered as possible.

Your Semi-permanent Makeup will look considerably darker when you finish your treatment, but it will soften to a more natural shade in time.


The best advice is not to pick the scabbed areas, let the skin fall of naturally. If you pull skin off you will also be pulling off the colour pigment, making the tattoo patchy.

The treatments will not be completely painless as the face is more sensitive than the rest of the body. The eye and lip area are likely to hurt more because of the amount of nerve endings, but brow tattooing won’t be as bad. We offer numbing cream to every client before treatments to make the process more comfortable.